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Art and Environmentalism

Given the negative balance of social and environmental situation exacerbated by climate change, the twenty-first century was seen as a new opportunity, perhaps the last, to restore the balance. In this atmosphere of euphoria and good intentions, in 2000, in New York City, representatives from 189 Nations signed the Millennium Declaration, setting goals to meet by 2015, including urgent steps to redress the inequality and the alarming global warming.
A few years away, far from met, developed countries are facing an economic crisis, social and environmental unprecedented doing shaken its foundations. The current lifestyle of the assault on the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), in the animal's Rights (1978), signed by UNESCO and the UN and international agreements on Sustainable Development.
The emission of greenhouse gases, the destruction of extensive natural areas, the poor management of natural resources and armed conflict for control of the same, the disappearance of species, migration, environmental refugees, the increase of diseases and resurgence of those considered extinct, increasing social tensions, are some of the indicators of human impact on climate change, increasing social inequality and led to a genocide both animal and human.

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