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Art and Environmentalism

Given the negative balance of social and environmental situation exacerbated by climate change, the twenty-first century was seen as a new opportunity, perhaps the last, to restore the balance. In this atmosphere of euphoria and good intentions, in 2000, in New York City, representatives from 189 Nations signed the Millennium Declaration, setting goals to meet by 2015, including urgent steps to redress the inequality and the alarming global warming.

A few years away, far from met, developed countries are facing an economic crisis, social and environmental unprecedented doing shaken its foundations. The current lifestyle of the assault on the fundamental rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), in the animal's Rights (1978), signed by UNESCO and the UN and international agreements on Sustainable Development.

The emission of greenhouse gases, the destruction of extensive natural areas, the poor management of natural resources and armed conflict for control of the same, the disappearance of species, migration, environmental refugees, the increase of diseases and resurgence of those considered extinct, increasing social tensions, are some of the indicators of human impact on climate change, increasing social inequality and led to a genocide both animal and human.

The great paradox

In first world countries, in parallel with the scientific breakthroughs, a full era of new communication technologies are experiencing an increasing loss of values and identity of man, rendering the knowledge of himself and impoverishing their relationship significantly with the surroundings, comfortably installed in the bubble of the welfare state, with individual attitudes and passive to the systematic violations of fundamental rights of every living being.

On the one hand, the same society that has state of the art science able to save and prolong life in several decades, sending ships to other planets, and to develop laws that uphold equality and protection for diversity, for Furthermore, closes it's eyes to the plight of large areas of our planet, allowing death by starvation and disease for millions of children and adults, sexual slavery and commerce of both children and women, as well as by pure animal abuse fun, destruction of forests, among other attacks.

It sucked not only to nature but to the man himself, trapped in his own creation, and unsatisfied longing for another way of life. Mistreatment inflicted to the environment reverts to the first world, to target where it hurts most: their economy.

Social Ecological Consciousness Is A Necessity

There are many voices from the scientific to the humanistic, warning about the urgency of a change at all levels. The current crisis has to act as a lever to a new lifestyle based on a Global Sustainable Development, both environmentally and socially, to respect and protect cultural diversity worldwide. We need a new consciousness, human, ecological and solidarity that prioritizes the intrinsic value of each person, just the fact of being, whatever its origin, people, race, gender, sexuality, beliefs, culture, gender, and that can develop freely and respectfully in its environment. A new model of society where life in all its many manifestations, is an asset to protect.

A new awareness to eradicate animal cruelty and discrimination,living beings who feel and suffer and as manifestations of life, have the same right as men to a dignified existence according to its kind,must be considerd as a partner in this life experience, not as a object. No living being can be used to comfort, leisure and entertainment unique to the man. A man who respects the life cycle of the species for consumption in a more natural environment, where neither their meat nor their skins are more valuable than your life.

It is Necessarily vital,to clear and correct actions that harm the environment and those that produce pain and suffering to man and animals. The use and application of science and technology, must seek to protect and maintain the development and care of all living things.

Man's existence is strongly linked to the planet, if the health of Nature suffers, man, much more fragile, ills. The future is only possible from the coexistence of solidarity and brotherhood among cultures, peoples and nations in finding solutions and projects that will minimize, and prevent any processing inequality, working towards the improvement, conservation and prevention of persons, animals, plants and natural sites, which by their situation are clearly decompensating the rest of the planet.

A future where our children and future generations, educated from childhood in humanistic values, respect and care, can be run with integrity in a healthy environment and attractive in its rich biodiversity.
Man as a piece of gear called the universe, and therefore of nature, should flow harmoniously with it. Feeling one with everything, recovering the ability to feel beyond our skin, to live fully.

The Experience of Art as an agent of change

The quest for beauty, both in balance and harmony, is intrinsic to human nature, we are all susceptible to the magic of a landscape, a gesture ... a poem ... a metaphor ... an image ... a sketch ... a color ... And the sound ... Connects Art to sensitive creative areas of the human being , at the same time is your vision of sensitive reality . This enables the inner journey and self, social interaction, knowledge of the other, in full, enriching the quality of relationships. This experience brings a sense of art to everyday life, overcome gaps and increase our satisfaction, so that will bring a minor impact on social tension and social unrest. Any changes will be reflected in the individual in society.

Thus, the Arts, through its profound and universal language, becomes one of the most powerful tools for raising awareness and promoting change, both personal and social, given that, as a cultural expression of a country is deeply rooted in its people.

This is the context in which SensibilizARTE, surges to draw attention to the causes and effects of human impact, both environmental and social and cultural rights, disseminating and promoting artistic and literary works that encourage reflection and necessarychange, bringing together a dynamic group of artists and writers committed to demonstrate that ideals exist and you can fight for and with them. mature Idealist fully aware of the plight situation and the power of any gesture, however small and insignificant it may seem, as a bridge to a world more balanced and at peace.

No effort is in vain if it makes the world think,or stop and think, or simply call into question the circumstances that forced him to drop his arms and watch passively. In our projects, papers and proceedings, we put our ideas, thoughts, expressions, so that, as a warning sound, skips doubt and questioning, needed to change attitude, to show that it is obvious that the change process is needed, change in the forms, methods and actions, that empovishered man to a point he never thought.

We are aware of our imperfection, but resolute in our actions, willing to reflection and dialogue,our goal is clear. Feelings of guilt or fear are not included in the schema that we have raised. The claim is not to change anyone, we ask to change the actions, we ask to change to be aware, we ask to wake up from this bad dream, we ask for a better world, a yearning that is surely shared by a large majority, and stop lamenting and lets put ourselves at work, conducting further actions and projects, leading to the required change of form of life that ensures future generations an environment where they can fully develop, coexisting in diversity.

Our exhibitions, virtual magazines, websites and other media present and future are the best way to artistic expression, to convey our messages, concerns and feelings. The proceedings leading to the deterioration, damage or pose a violation of the project life advocate, will always be answered, for our part, as best we know it: through the proposals of literary and artistic expression in any form and technique.

We use Internet technology to create, share, communicate, share news from anywhere in the world that we reach,We promote cyber activism if nature is attacked, on the Nature and violations of fundamental rights of people and animals. Spreading the word human, ecological and solidarity by going to the real or virtual public. we go out with our work raising awareness and conveying hope and faith in a better world for all.

That's why SensibilizARTE uses all available means to convey it's message, to reflect it on man and at the same time, to encourage minkind to discover the beauty that surrounds Us, in every particle of life, promoting human values, solidarities and safe ecological environments .

SensibilizARTE is the voice of this group, combined to carry out this project. As international group, we respect and defend multiculturalism, ensuring freedom of artistic and literary expression of the members of the group, within the framework of mutual respect. We believe in the power of speech and artistic expression in any form to promote reflection and change, necessary to build a more caring and balanced world, aware that the future of any individual is inseparable from the rest of humanity and Nature. A better world for all.

Manifesto published on April 3 2009

Text by Casado Adela Cano collaborations with special Parra Manuel Bernabeu, Romina Cuppari Florencia and Eva Alcaide, and active participation in the "chain of sentences" of the group manifests SensibilizARTE "on our network, without which had not been possible our first manifesto.
Translated to english by Rafael Sandiego.
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Proyecto INTERVENCION URBANA en Mexico, del Colectivo SensibilizARTE

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